Lesson Format

Initially each lesson will be unique and will usually take the following format.

Stephen will meet you at your home or work at the agreed time with the car ready for you.

Please make sure to have the following items with you

  • Driving licence both parts
  • glasses/contacts if required

After the introduction the following points will be discussed

  • Cockpit drill
  • Safety checks
  • Controls of the car

Your first lesson

Stephen will take you on a short drive demonstrating and giving a full talk through of what is required and needs to be achieved during the lesson.

Time will be allowed for questions if anything is unclear.

When both you and Stephen is satisfied that you understand the requirements for the days driving lesson, Stephen will stop at a safe and convenient place where your driving lesson will start.

Before your initial driving lesson starts Stephen will access you and ask some questions to determine your skill level to make sure you start with the appropriate training that suits your skill level. 

At this point you should have enough theoretical knowledge, know and understand the highway code and the implications for not complying to the code.  It is a good idea to click on the links to the right and read the material on a regular basis.

Try and focus on the specific legislation that will cover the objective of today's lesson.

As a matter of interest, and to better prepare you for the big day we have a link to the top 10 reasons for failure.
Read it and make sure you do not make the same mistakes.  If you are unsure of anything make sure to ask Stephen to explain or demonstrate the skill required before you get to the testing centre for your practical driving test